Permutations at TAM

Curated by Stephanie Sherwood and Joshua Oduga. Hosted by the Torrance Art Museum in December 2018. Press Release

Exhibiting Artists:

Justino Loza Gomez
Randi Hokett
Iain Muirhead
Michael Nannery
Tu Nguyen

Permutations is a curatorial project conceived within the notion of change. This exhibition is in reaction to artistic practices which accept and welcome change as an integral aspect of the work. Permutations contains work which wields many various mediums and inhabits space in very individual ways. Some works within the exhibit exist outside the museum walls; some of the works will evolve throughout the course of the exhibition. Permutations asks you to consider the entire life of the work and how this informs your understanding of each artist.

The curatorial team for Permutations welcomed change into this process as well. The discovery that this show would not be about death, but about life, was a wonderful one. Life and death are about change. This show will
direct you through it and into new spaces and ways of engaging. Its ephemeral existence demands that you
visit it more than once….