FORUM 1 is the culmination of 10 months of work together as a cohort of young art professionals. The first of its kind, the program was designed to support our group through our time together by connecting us with established art professionals in Los Angeles – allowing us a space in which to interact with and learn from them. Each of us were chosen to participate in FORUM based on the quality of the questions we asked each other during a group ‘interview’.  This quest for knowledge and understanding is essential to each of the 18 artists, curators and writers involved.

Since the inaugural FORUM group first met in April 2018, we have been learning about one another through our art practices and continued and sustained interactions. This exhibition seeks to connect visitors with each artistic practice on a personal level, whether via art works, text driven or curatorial methods of the participants. The strength of our group lies in both our energy and curiosity as well as our diversity.

The works in the FORUM 1 exhibition are not tied to any one medium and all seek to engage with several of the essential questions we face not only as artists but also the communities and groups we engage with: Cultural and Political Identity, Science and Technology, The Psyche, and The Human Experience.  These categories are not meant as a way to segregate our practices or even the thoughts and ideas which are inherent in them, but as a means of flattening out experience and perception and showing the power of art’s ability to highlight commonalities shared. As you move through the space and engage with the work, we encourage you to find your curiosity and seek to learn more. That is how we found ourselves here and we have all grown through this experience. The Torrance Art Museum has allowed us a platform unlike any other in Los Angeles County, and here we are….

FORUM 1 Participants

Emily Babette
Gabbah Baya
Alexis Alicette Bolter
Carly Chubak
Sean Cully
Aleister Eaves
Lydia Espinoza
Miranda J Friedman
gloria galvez
Elizabeth Munzon
Tu Nguyen
Joshua Oduga
Andrea Perez-Martinez
Claire Salvo
Katie Shanks
Stephanie Sherwood
Kate Sikorski
Cindy Vallejo

From left to right: Alexis Alicette Bolter, Carly Chubak, Elizabeth Munzon, Stephanie Sherwood, Tu Nguyen
From left to right: Miranda Friedman, Katie Shanks, Sean Cully, Stephanie Sherwood
From left to right: Kate Sikorski, Tu Nguyen, Alexis Alicette Bolter, Carly Chubak, Elizabeth Munzon
From right to left: Gabbah Bayah, Cindy Vallejo, Aleister Eaves, Katie Shanks, Miranda Friedman
From left to right: Elizabeth Munzon, Stephanie Sherwood